febrero 07, 2006

La flecha

"We began with a woman on horseback.
She had a white veil that didn't cover her face, but hung down to her waist.
She had a crown on, and a red and black velvet dress on under the veil.
She was sitting sort of side saddle, but with one knee hooked over the horn of the saddle.
She was very strong. She had dark eyebrows.
She was waiting for someone. She didn't know who.
She was slightly anxious but not too much.
She was strong. She had something inside of her.
A message.
She was waiting for someone to give the message to, but she didn't know who it was.
The message was a gold hand inside of her chest".

Simplemente hermoso!

Después de esto, cada vez con más fuerza creo que lo increible puede suceder!... que pena que los sueños sean tan breves!

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